Monday, May 08, 2006

Chipped PINs

Another classic piece of security joy to get us really confident for that ID card roll-out.
Petrol giant Shell has suspended chip-and-pin payments in 600 UK petrol stations after more than £1m was siphoned out of customers' accounts.

Eight people, including one from Guildford, Surrey, and another from Portsmouth, Hants, have been arrested in connection with the fraud inquiry.

Nice one. Now, hang on, wasn't Chip and PIN suppposed to protect us all from fraud?

Well, possibly it has—I don't know the figures (if, indeed, there have been any since February 14 or whenever it was)—but it still doesn't fill me with confidence for the security of ID Cards.

Hello, John Reid! Are you paying attention to this shit...?


Cedalion said...

Wasn't it Patrick Stewart that did the voiceovers for the Chip and Pin adverts?

Anonymous said...

Mine was one of the cards to get skimmed - at the Shell garage on Mill Hill roundabout. I filled up while my wife paid, and they distracted her pointing out of the window to me while they skimmed the card. I didn't realise that they had the PIN too until this story broke.

Nothing was taken from the account - the police tipped the card issuer off before the numbers were used. Not that it didn't a lot of armtwisting with the issuer to get that information, their protestations of 'non-disclosure, fraud, security, terrorism' only faded when I pointed out that it would be a waste of time for them to re-issue a card only for me to go inadvertently straight back to the skimmer.

A few weeks previous to this an independent garage owner had praised me for covering my keypad with my other hand when keying, as he said "Your card number is on my screen, and I can see the keypad - so what's to stop me?". Only a sense of decency and moral fibre it seems - so I can't see this being a unique problem.

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