Friday, May 05, 2006

Brown's First Reshuffle

This isn't a reshuffle; this is a massacre.

After yesterday's losses, Charles Clarke's departure was inevitable; but moving Straw away from the Foreign Office has no obvious logic.

He has faithfully executed the dogs' breakfasts of foreign policies that Blair has laid in front of him. Although they have been massively controversial in and of themselves, he hasn't actually done very much, has largely kept out of the firing line and done what His Master's Voice has told him to.

It might be the case that The Great Criminals Foreign Fiasco, which started on his previous watch at the Home Office, his irrevocably tainted him. However, Clarke's departure should have provided the ritual sacrificial resignation. There is no actual reason for Straw to go.

Unless there are other interests at work.

The political interests of Gordon Brown.

This reshuffle has Brown's paws all over it.

DK adds: I told you, The Gobblin' King's getting impatient...


dearieme said...

Have they anticipated a great Straw scandal?

Charles Martel said...

Des Browne - brownite treasury minister, who was the Asylum and Immigration minister until May 2005 at the HOME OFFICE.

he gets promoted. Clarke gets the boot.

just wtf is going on here?

Fidothedog said...

Dhimmi straw needed to be removed after all how can you deal with islamic nations whilst kneeling before them in typical dhimmi pose?

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