Monday, May 29, 2006

Being bolshy

Our esteemed, but oh-so-negative, anti-NuLanour media stooge, Doctor Crippen points me towards the massively entertaining strapline at Silent Running.
If you are offended by strong Right Wing views and bad language, you should probably fuck off now and go hug a tree.

I'm thinking of barstardising it. How about:
If you are offended by strong free-market, libertarian, anti-socialist views and some of the worst language that you have ever read, you should probably fuck off and drown yourself in a bucket of new low-fat soya milk*. Or get cancer. Whatever.

What do you think: not strong enough...?

Oh, and I like this picture too.

* I've just seen an advert for this stuff. Low-fat soya milk? What the fuck is that shit?


Anonymous said...

The three pronged statement of political labelling may be hard-thought and a source of pride, DK. But as a strap-line for a blog it is, to coin a phrase, "a bit wank".

The soya milk idea shows promise. However, the "get cancer" line actually passes through rude and bad taste and unexpectedly comes out the other side as being shockingly funny. It might, however, put off new readers.

How about "fuck off and drown Polly Toynbee in a bucket of soya milk." No-one would expect that.

Not that I am 'calling' for such a thing to happen, though. I imagine someone could make a moral case for though.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Points noted, Robert. Yes, oddly the cancer line made me laugh too...

As for the moral case... Well... sometimes I am tempted to call for such a thing to happen...


Anonymous said...

The 'get cancer' bit is too Ian Birchall. Get piles or "May your balls rattle and your prick never rise again" but that is too longwinded and does not take account of lady bloggers. Soya milk and Polly Toynbee are powerful words which should be in the mix. Adopt Robert's recommendation.

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