Monday, April 24, 2006

Zimbabwe: too little, too late

It seems that Mugabe and his bunch of thugs have realised that Zimbabwe has a few problems—though why they took so long to realise one cannot imagine—and are desperately hoping that the expertise of white farmers can stave off the impending famine. One can only say that the phrase "too little, too late" is the one that springs to mind.
Zimbabwe says it is prepared to provide land to white farmers who had their property seized under President Robert Mugabe's land reform programme.

Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga told the BBC any Zimbabwean can apply for land and that farms would be allocated on long leases for free.

Now, Zimbabwe is—and you'll excuse me for using a technical term here—completely fucked. The people who were given land after the eviction of the white farmers, unsurprisingly and by a government minister's own admission, know stuff all about farming and this has led to severe food shortages.

The economy is in a state of near-collapse, with inflation officially running at at least 782%, although some claim it is as high as 1000%. Combined with price hikes on just about everything, but especially food, people can only survive by going hungry even when there is any food to buy. The currency exchange has become such a problem that even the local Coca-Cola factory has closed. All of this has led to Zimbabwe's citizens having the lowest life-expectancy in the world: roughly 34 for women and 37 for men.

I am going to call this: Robert Mugabe is fucking insane, absolutely bat-shit mad; his "land reforms" have destroyed the food output, and consequently contributed to the absolute and total screwing of the economy.
But it is hard facts that has driven this policy U-turn. By confiscating the whit- owned [sic] commercial farms, the government transformed a country that was once the breadbasket of Southern Africa into a net food importer.

And despite good rains there is every prospect of another deficit over the coming season.

This policy has left Zimbabwe poorer than it was at independence in 1980, after it had survived 16 years of sanctions and eight years of civil war.

The result is the current crisis, with ordinary Zimbabweans now trapped in grinding poverty, and over 2m having sought sanctuary in neighbouring South Africa.

The scale of the oppression is also fairly huge, with Mugabe arresting and imprisoning opposition politicians and using secret police to enforce nominal obedience.

None of this, of course, has prevented that fat, jug-eared cunt, Clarke, from attempting to send asylum-seekers back there. Remind me again, what was the "ethical foreign policy" that we were promised by this appalling, mendacious, corrupt and evil fascist regime...?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry we raped and tourtured you, burnt your farm to the ground, and tried to kill you and your family.

Please come back.

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