Sunday, April 16, 2006

Where Are The Tories?

Less than 24 hours after your guest Gnome lambasted both the Labour and Conservative parties for not paying the BNP the attention it deserves, it was reported that Labour is actually doing something about it.
Not only that, but Margaret Hodge has come out and acknowledged the 'lack of leadership' from Labour that has put the BNP into the ascendant.
No doubt Squit and the rest of the Notting Hill Eloi will ponder her comments, and develop appropriate focus-group driven counter-triangulation strategies between sips of alfalfa juice.
But some of the rest of us are only interested in knowing, when it comes to the threat posed by the BNP to our culture, our history and our country -


Raw Carrot said...

Where are the Tories? So far over to the Left it seems like only UKIP and the BNP sit on the "right" side of the fence... It will be very interesting to see what happens in the local elections...

Anonymous said...

In the wilderness, still in the wilderness.

Neil Harding said...

I could be cynical here and suggest that Labour are more interested in stopping the BNP because it hurts them most, hitting their working class vote. The Tories (and their press friends) on the other hand have a pretty appalling record of stirring up anti-immigrant feeling because it benefits them in two ways; gains them anti-immigrant votes and encourages disaffected Labour voters to vote BNP.

The Tories lest we forget, have played the race card at 3 out of the last 4 elections (the insiduous 'are you thinking..' campaign particularly nasty). Luckily the tide has turned, because research has shown that at the last election, their racist campaign (for the first time) lost them more votes than it gained. This is why Cameron has gone all quiet on the subject.

Michael Rock said...

The Tories are not commenting because they don't have the balls.

The Tories have lost the right, Labour has lost the left and the Lib Dems are just lost. All of them are spineless, over-paid intefering tossers.

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