Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Toynbee , Hewitt, Eugenides, RFS: MMFF

At least, Polly will be screaming should Mr Eugenides ever get his hands on her, Pat Hewitt, a nailgun and the set from A Clockwork Orange!
It’s neck and neck between La Polla and the terminally horrific Patricia Hewitt for who’d get the first bullet. After yesterday's fiasco at the UNISON conference, I imagine I might be able to leave Trisha to the staff of the NHS to dismember and rip limb from limb. But I shouldn’t really have to choose, should I?

In my darker moments, I picture Polly and Patsy strapped to chairs in a darkened room, their legs in stirrups, their eyelids peeled back a la Clockwork Orange... Electrodes attached to their temples snake down beneath their dresses and feed in to a pair of Paslode IM250 Impulse 16-gauge nail guns nestling just inside their labia minora... and programmed to fire off a stainless steel 64mm nail every time their PC muscles contract.

Then we run VT from the Labour Party Conference and sit back to enjoy their few last, agony-filled minutes.

Go and read; it is absolutely the most glorious stuff!

And in other news, the superb Right For Scotland discusses the state of the NHS, from personal experience. Go and read the whole piece: did you know that NHS lab technicians can receive a written warning for having a screwdriver in their lab? Or that the only people allowed to tighten screws on a set of drawers are the estates workers? The private reminiscences are bad enough, but it is the mathematics that is damning.
Since 1997 the UK has lost 1m private sector jobs. [Gordon] has countered this by creating 800,000 mainly bureaucratic positions on the public payroll. But now the wheels are coming off and those jobs are beginning to go. Of course it is not the pen-pushers out of a job but the “hard working” doctors and nurses we were told would be fired under the evil Michael Howard. Was it not Unison that asked how spending £50bn less would improve public services? Should we not now ask how spending £50bn more has improved them?

But think about this. At £60bn per year the “free” NHS costs the average household over £5000 in tax every year. £416 per month. Taken from Health-On-Line.co.uk just now a quote for myself, my wife and my child comes to £92.15 per month (assume 30m households like mine and this represents a total health spend of between 3 and 4 billion). If they can run a health system on this premium then why can't the state?

Precisely: now can we please abolish the Welfare State? It has failed for 60 years; and it hasn't failed because it has cost the eeeevil middle-classes billions of pounds: it has failed because it has made things worse for the poor of this country in every way that cannot be counted in simply pounds and pence.

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Serf said...

did you know that NHS lab technicians can receive a written warning for having a screwdriver in their lab?

It seems impossible to fire workers for incompetence, but upsetting a union is a disciplinary matter.

Head up arse approach to employment.

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