Monday, April 17, 2006

'There was no comment from the Conservatives'

That is how the Conservative Party reacted officially to Margaret Hodge's acknowledgment that the Labour Party bore some responsibility for the rise of the BNP.
Labour has blindsided the Conservatives beautifully, and Hodge and Blair have shown David Cameron and his advisers to be at best naive, at worst politically inept.
The leaders of the Conservative Party cannot seem to be able to drag themselves towards a microphone during an election campaign in which the party's position might be under threat. They don't seem to realise that the rules of the game might have changed now, and that it's not the kiddies game of blue hats versus red hats any more.
The BNP are foes of our culture, but they are like Islamists; they are foes with principles. They believe in what they're about, and in order to defeat them you either have to possess some principles yourself or at least acknowledge that you might have helped them come into being, and then work to fix the problem.
As the leader of the Conservative Party, now is the time for David Cameron to lead. Dealing with business like this is what his job is all about.
If he cannot provide leadership when his own people need his support and his political opponents are making the running, then he should be in another job.
For if he can't lead his own party, he can't lead the country.

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