Saturday, April 08, 2006

Taking Up The Slack

Seeing as The Gnome has clearly been slacking, the suggestion that one should stop slacking enables one to post a few random thoughts and odds and ends from the sort of To Do List you tend to keep when you have four active blogs, two sets of article archives and a blog archive to maintain, along with a job, a home life, etc...
David Cameron is a profound waste of space. He aspires to hold power; but what constituency is he actually seeking to represent?
The man is a Trabant amongst Yugos.
The BNP is doomed to fail.
And few shall mourn its passing.
According to the New Economics Foundation, the world economy is 'giving less to poorest'.
And what is that to us, when unemployment is increasing?
Why did anyone, me included, ever think that Tony Blair would be able to bring representative government to Baghdad when he's so thoroughly cacked up the process of bringing it to Belfast?
Sir Andrew Green is a god.
And so is George Borjas.
The smoking ban in Scotland should be stubbed out.
And the rouble may soon be a convertible currency, which hopefully means we won't hear any more nonsense about Russia from William Rees-Mogg and Simon Heffer.
And with that, I'm slacked out...

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