Saturday, April 08, 2006

So the lazy bastard is off to Glasgow is he? Want's us to write some stuff to keep the readers amused?

Fuck. I'm having enough trouble writing stuff for my place currently. Wait; I try and write informed, researched and thought through stuff at my place. Do we expect that sort of thing at the Kitchen? Nah. Wait, BookDrunk does that sort of thing. So, sometimes we do...

Ah, I give up. I've no idea what to write about. The Govt has messed up the dentistry contracts, so the state of NHS dentistry gets worse, again. But I've done dentists, and I can avoid the topic for 6 months now, so that's out.

The media are panicking over some dead birds. 100(ish) people dead in about 5 years of the disease? How many die of Malaria each year? How many die of "normal" 'flu in the UK each year? A lot more than that. Bored now.

Cameron insulted the UKIP loons, apparently. Thing is, as with all parties, there are loons in UKIP, and some of them are fruitcakes, and there are definately some closet (and not so closet) racists in there; I've met a few for fucks sake. But there are also some sane, rational, and woefully misinformed people. And even some that, like DK and Timmy, take a sensible (ie non-small minded nationalist) view (for anti-Europeans anyway), that the EU should cease to exist. That's an honest idea at least.

So, to respond, they're going to get out their little tank and try to park it on Dave's lawn. Again. Grow up Farage. Wait, don't, it kinda makes Dave's point for him. Anyone listen to the Now Show? How does a racist come out of the closet?

Blair's still PM. Brown is still boring. The LibDems are gearing up for a bye election (which they'll likely win because Lib Dems always win bye elections, right?) and the media is worried about personalities, again.

Barcode Britain is on its way, and the media dedicates the headlines to a dead bird.

Wait, there's a corrupt, unpopular Prime Minister bribing his way through life and lying about his opponents and his govts policies. He's a mate of Tony's as well. If there are any Italians reading this, bear in mind that we like Berlusconi. Only because he makes us feel a little better, no matter how bad Tony gets, he's not Silvio. Is he? Oh, shit. Vote the bastard out, please? Prodi may be a boring corrupt bastard, but at least he's not Berlusconi.

So, I need a topic to write up an ill-informed rant about. No topic too big or small, just not the sort of thing I normally write about at NLE, so no constitution, civil liberties, etc. No idea. Someone suggest something that isn't boring dead birds.

In the meantime...


neil craig said...

The problem is that UKIP's appeal is not right wing - whatever Britain's political class think, it cuts across party lines (under Kinnock, Labour's policy was to quit without a referendum). Thus Cameron has not demonstrated his reformist semi-leftist credentials buit only his affinity to Mr Punch.

MatGB said...

True, but I've long rejected the old left/right classifications anyway, utterly pointless; the BNP isn't 'right' wing in any sensible definition of the term.

I think Cameron is trying to position the party centrist/centrist, Labour being centrist/authoritarian and LibDems being everywhere/liberal(libertarian).

People aren't going to believe a word of course.

Katy Newton said...

Left and right are misnomers, really, because if you go far enough left you end up meeting with the far right, and vice versa. (We had a little diagram in our GCSE history books about this, you see.)

Being an unsophisticated, not-very-good-at-politics sort of person, I see politics as more of a spectrum from extreme libertarianism at one end to extreme authoritarianism at the other end.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

'UKIP loons' is a bit unfair Mr DK. UKIP does attract a few nutballs but their only real problem is their pigheaded refusal to accept that not everybody believes that getting Britain out of the EU is our biggest priority. But, that said, without giving too many details away I do have some inside info that this is about to change somewhat - heads have been banged together and they are now realising that they have to step outside their comfort zone.

MatGB said...

Meestor Dad? Me not DK, me one of his holiday cover team. After writing this, I wrote a slightly more reasoned analysis of what UKIP are up to on my site.

There's a comment there about how it's no point in fixing domestic govt while we're in the EU, completely and utterly pointles position to take.

Katy; try googling for political compass, you want the digitalronin site. It's worth the time, and although I dislike some of their methodology, I do like the principles and definately agree with their 4-way axis.

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