Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Question Time

Tony Blair said that, apparently, he was unaware that nearly a quarter of the prisoners released without being deported had been after ministers were aware of the problem.
Mr Cameron said the prime minister's response was not good enough because 288 prisoners had been released without being considered for deportation since ministers had learned about the problems.

He told MPs: ''Let us be clear about what the home secretary said on television. When asked whether anyone was released after he was told about it, the home secretary replied: 'I am not prepared to say no-one but certainly very, very few people'.

"Given that the actual number was 288 that was completely misleading. This home secretary has presided over systemic failure. He's failed to deal with it and he has last night misled people about the scale of the problem. Isn't it clear that he cannot give the Home Office the leadership it so badly needs."

It's nice to see Cameron actually doing some opposing for once: where did he find his spine?
Mr Blair responded that many of the 288 cases had been looked at and some of the prisoners deported. He said he disagreed with the call for Mr Clarke's resignation.

The prime minister said he did not know the details of the figures that Mr Clarke had now released about the foreign prisoners until the Home Office had put them out.

Mr Cameron said Mr Blair "backed incompetent ministers even when he doesn't know the facts". He demanded to know when the prime minister would start protecting the public.

So, Blair refused to accept Clarke's resignation even when he was not in full possession of the facts. It seems that Tony is desperate to hang on to the very few friends that he has left.

How long can it be before this slippery little shit is forced out?


Serf said...

Tony supporting Clarke is good news. It means this little mess will drag on.

When one of the released kills or rapes someone, as they almost certainly will, not even divine intervention will save the Safety Elephant.

chris said...

It must be all that glacier hugging, he's frozen and so gives the impression of a spine. It will soon melt.

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