Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pass the buck time at the Home Office

So the Home Office have been releasing rapists and murderers of foreign nationalities that should have been deported at the end of their prison sentences, and all those concerned are racing to cover their arses:

The home secretary says he "regrets" that 1,023 foreign prisoners have been allowed to walk free when they were meant to be considered for deportation.

Charles Clarke said he could not say "hand on heart" that they would all be tracked down but said he did not think it was a "resigning matter".

Doesn't he? Funny that, isn't it? So, whose fault is it? Well, we know it's not the Safety Elephant's, because he tells us so:

Mr Clarke said he was not going to start pointing the finger at who was to blame for the error.

And then he, er, points his fat, stubby finger in several directions, all of them away from him:

"Both the Prison Service and the IND failed to carry out their responsibilities in the way they ought to have done," he said. "They have both taken steps to lead me to be confident that it is now being done properly."

Perhaps it's his predecessor's fault? Nope:

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett called the problems "astonishing". "My view is that heads should roll," said Mr Blunkett. "There are too many people in the system who simply don't care. I fully support Charles Clarke in getting to the bottom of this."

Oh well, I guess the days of ministers taking responsibility for their departments are well and truly behind us. Still, at least we can have confidence that the mess is being cleared up.

Can't we?

The courts had recommended that 160 of the criminals should be deported from Britain at the end of their sentences, it emerged. Lin Homer, the Immigration and Nationality Directorate's director general, said 14 of the 160 had been found. Five of those had been deported and nine considered inappropriate for removal.

And at the end of that round, Safety, your score is: five out of 160.

And remember; these people want to record, number and tag you.

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