Monday, April 10, 2006

One of the Fringe shows in which I was involved, Enola, has won three awards at the National Student Drama Festival.
  1. The Fest-Goers Award for Best Show (as voted for by all who were at NSDF 06)

  2. Ellie won a Commendation for her performance as Enola.

  3. [Al Smith] won the Sunday Times Playwrighting Award.

Excellent work, and well done! Al and Kandinky have a number of new bits of work coming up, so if you are into theatre and happen to be in London (or around for the Edinburgh Fringe), then you should make sure that you catch them...

UPDATE: The NSDF reviews for Enola are up.

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Al said...


We missed you there, dude. We had a fantastic week, and it felt fucking brilliant to have the fest-goers award...hasn't gone to a drama in 5 years. Holy cow.

And as for the Sunday Times, I thank Rupert Murdoch. Check out the times this sunday, I hear we're in it...


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