Friday, April 14, 2006

NuLabour's eBay

Much has been written about NuLabour's almost pathological attraction to cash, but I do like the way that qwan sums it up. [Emphasis mine—DK]
“Cash for Questions” is being made to look cheap and amateurish by Cash for Peerages, Cash to Spunk our taxes on useless IT Contracts, Cash for Shares - I won’t be surprised to see our Tony’s own kids being flogged on E-bay such is this lot's fascination with getting wedged up.

I do like the idea of that:
For sale:

1 Euan Blair: slightly soiled.

This Euan Blair is generally in good nick, educated in an opted-out school and comes with one Bristol flat and peerage (see Item 666: "Ermine-trimmed robe: thousands of nearly innocent animals used in the making of this robe").

WARNING: prone to get "tird and emotional". Propensity to enter into Ugandan negotiations unknown, but may well make a good gigolo. Has friends in high places.

Reserve price: about 8 pints (1 Hague afternoon) or about £200 (we're desperate) plus your integrity.

Unfortunately, Cherie—"For sale: 1 incredibly soiled and more than usually unscrupulous and hateful lawyer; three enormous orifices, possibly good for putting flowers in, or maybe for storage space. Fanny may see good use as a bucket. Or a box room"—still hasn't made her reserve price*.

* A piece of bluetack.

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