Monday, April 10, 2006

No, really: just don't vote Labour

I see that my esteemed colleague, MatGB, has signed up to the old "If Toni is still in Downing Street, then don't vote Labour" meme.

Cam I just reiterate the point that you should just not vote for them anyway? As I pointed out a few days ago...
The thing to ask oneself is: does Blair have the loved ones of every Labour MP held hostage with a gun to their heads? No. These fuckers have voted for ID Cards (repeatedly), the Terrorism Laws, the illegal war, blah, blah of their own free will. It is not just Blair who is morally bankrupt, the whole of the Labour Party is.

If you think that Blair being kicked into the long grass is going to make any appreciable difference to the Labour Party's direction, then you are a fool. And possibly a knave as well.

It is, instead, highly likely—were Blair to go—that NuLabour would declare that any losses were, in fact, because of Blair himself and not the NuLabour policies, and that thus their mandate for pressing ahead with their illiberal and fascist initiatives was actually stronger. I think that this, whilst well-meaning—like most of the other Bloggerheads campaigns—is, in fact, utterly pointless.

Just don't vote NuLabour, or I'll send the fucking boys around to do unspeakable things to you and yours. Of course, if you don't vote NuLabour, it might be them sending the fucking boys around. And they know where you live...

Of course, I have been having discussions with the horrible Lefty who informs me that, in Greece, voting is compulsory; you can, however, tick a "none of the above" box. This is an idea that Justin would no doubt approve of.

I don't. I don't support compulsory voting for starters. I also think that, whilst ticking "none of the above" or simply spoiling your ballot paper is a very cute and rebellious thing to do, maybe one should actually consider the reality of our political system: if you spoil the paper or tick "none of the above", I'm sure that your student friends will applaud your action as "one of, like, radical protest, man! Yeah, strike a blow against the system!"

What you have just done is to waste your vote.

And if your local Labour guy gets in again because you and your mates decided to piss away your vote in an act of childish, petulant pique then I hope that you will feel suitably ashamed. Yes, the Tories are a load of useless, ball-less, wet blankets with all the principles of a weasel, and the Lib Dems make UKIP look like a viable and trustworthy proposition, but do remember that, realistically, they are the only alternatives to your NuLabour man.

If you want to send a message to Tony, Jack, Charles, Gordon and the rest of the fascist wankers currently in charge, then you have to actively vote for someone else and put the Labour representatives out to pasture, not waste your vote in an act of clever-clever activism.


AntiCitizenOne said...

Yes, but ticking the "None of the fucking wasters on this list" box SHOULD have an effect.

If none of the above wins, it should be "new candidates please" time.

MatGB said...

On that, I agree pretty much completely.

I'm fast going off my previous support for compulsory+None of..., but am still, on balance, in favour (just). Arguments about civic duty, etc...

The "none of this lot, Re Open Nominations" idea is one I like.

Utterly opposed to not voting though, disagree with Justin and Chris on it; that's why, with a heavy step, I joined a party again, partizanship not my thing, but anti-Labour definately is right now.

You're right about the Blair bit being a distraction in ways, but it's a good immediate tagline, and it gives Labour supporters a get out that some of them feel they need.

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