Friday, April 28, 2006

Newsflash: Clarke still a total cunt

Charles 'there is no excuse for the fact that this man is still alive' ClarkeCharles Clarke, The Safety Elephant: look at that cruel and ugly face; he has no picture in the attic. Many people are asking why this man is still in government. They are asking the wrong question. What they should be asking is why this igorant, lazy, incompetent, fascist fuck is still alive. He should be put down like a particularly over-weight, filthy, sweaty, disease-ridden dog.

Rachel has an excellent deconstruction—an open letter, if you will—of the fat, jug-eared cunt: I applaud every word (and I savoured reading it too).
The most important modern freedom is now apparently ''the freedom not to be blown up on the way to work''. No it isn't. The most important freedom is the freedom to be able to live freely, not fearfully. And anyway, how does clamping down on civil liberties make me safer on the way to work?

The ''rules have changed'' in the ''modern'' world according to Blair. No they haven't, not that much. The bombs on July 7th were simple criminal acts of mass murder, and it demeans us to throw away long-cherished values because of posturing and fear-manipulation by those who want to keep their jobs by playing to the gallery.

Well, quite so. Christ Almighty, what is it going to take? And when, in the name of all that is unholy, are the damned and damnable Conservatives going to get a leader who has got balls? And honesty?

Where the fuck is the opposition? Apparantly taking private jets to go and ponce about on a fucking glacier. Look, Spam you fuckwit, there is a disaster unfolding at home, right here in this country. Who cares what you think about global warming, or any foreign matters: we really don't give a shit at present. What we want is a strong Opposition who will hold the government to account over what it is trying to do to our lives right now.

And what is that? Is it "creeping authoritarianism"? No.

There's nothing "creeping" about it: NuLabour are using blatant hammerblows to our constitutional rights, smashing away our liberties with successive pieces of fascist law. There's no "creep" here: it is undisguised totalitarianism. How soon before Blair dissolves Parliament and declares a police state?

And does anyone think that that idea is as ridiculous now as they might have considered it to be 10 years ago?


chris said...

I've always expected them to discover the 'emergency' that requires them to activate the Civil Contingencies Act will co-incide with them looking like they are about to lose a general election. Cynical I know. So in this sense the Boy King of the conservative party as actually a good thing as it delays that date when Tony declares himself Queen. Maybe there will be an electoral shock and they get ousted without realising how bad a position they actually are in due to the complete incompetence of the opposition to oppose.

Perhaps Her Maj will surpirse everybody and just call for Ming next time and tell him to form what government he can out of the members that are not authoritarian fuckwits, forcing the realignment that is happening anyway.

Anonymous said...

Wow, bravo to both of y'all!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link , DK

Martin said...


There might not be much of a market for a book called 'Seven Habits of Highly Successful Coup Plotters'; however throughout history, in order to be successful all coup plotters have requiredthe support of the army.

Would Blair have it, if he decided to declare a police state? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Socialism (and yes, in the sense that the state take more and more of our money to feed itself, these lot are socialists) and loss of freedom are inextricably linked in my view. Those who have the most to lose, the most succesful, will not go along with such indiscriminate redistribution voluntarily and coercion is the only option.

Anonymous said...

Army support for a coup ? Interesting question.

We need to determine whether the 'top brass' are members of the ruling elite, for whom any threat to the status quo is anathema.

On balance I think they are members, but Blair is just the sort of wimpy, lightweight, new-age hippy twat that they abhor that they would definitely be up for it !

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