Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New artwork

I'm really quite proud of this piece of artwork and it's for one of my favourite bands, Carnival Of Souls: it is also my brother's band, which makes it all the sweeter.

Carnival of Souls: June Gigs

If you are a London resident, I do recommend them very highly: they are more than competent live, and they have a vast catalogue of great songs (with good tunes). There's a brief review and photos here, and another brief review of another night here.
Carnival of Souls is a rather unusual rock band, blending keyboard rhythms with electric guitar, and their sound is psychadelic as well as outgoing, but also melancholic at times. They have a few instrumental numbers.

The singer is particularly articulate and is absolutely amazing on stage... He doesn't just sit there like a good boy... Decadent pupil!

Go now! Next gig is tomorrow...

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Katy Newton said...

Yes, this would look quite good somewhere on DKD.

In fact, any artwork at all would look quite good on DKD. Chop chop.

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