Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The last word on Inheritance

In The Selfish Gene, and in his subsequent books, Richard Dawkins clarified the idea that genes will always try to ensure the survival of the descendent genes, and always attempt to ensure that their survival is as easy and fruitful as possible. This is because the primary—nay, sole—reason for genes to exist is for their propagation. This is why viruses do so well; they are simply gene packets attempting to ensure survival (although debate exists about the so-called superviruses).

Let me lay out this whole argument about Inheritance Tax. Many have argued that they have done nothing to earn the money that may pass to them. Fair enough. However, by being part of the descendent genes you have already done more than those it would otherwise pass to.

Have the government done more to earn that money than you have? Have they sat with your cabbage-smelling grandmother three afternoons a week, or put up with your father's irritating moralising for 16 years of their lives? Have the cunts that the government would give the money to listened to your grandfather talk about his clocks for four days a week, or done the washing up for your mother? Have they answered the 'phone when your father is stressed out, or comforted your mother when her life is going badly?


Have any of the above done anything to earn that money?


If you inherit that money, is there anything preventing you from giving it to the government or to charity? No, in fact there are tax breaks for doing so.

So will someone please remind me why the fucking cunting fuck the government or some heroin-addicted, council-estate scrote deserves my father's money more than me? Will someone please explain to me what some fucking pensionable-age civil servant or some lazy-arsed, track-suit-attired single mother has done to earn that money more than I?

Because I am pretty fucking confused as to what cunting claim they have on my progenitors' fucking cash they have than I do. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

If you seriously think that society deserves the money that your parents want to give to you, then there is absolutely nothing stopping you from donating the lot. Go on, go and do it. On the other hand, why the fuck should those, who have done even less to earn that money than a child has, have it instead? What the cunting cock is wrong with you people? Apart from the standard evil, socialist jealousy, of course.

And for all you cunting bastards who believe this shit about "luck", I'm happy to use some of my inheritance to buy you a one-way ticket to fucking Cuba, OK? Apparently the healthcare there is great: you might have some problems getting internet, especially to this blog, but given that you are the root of all fucking evil, I am sure that you will soon be high up in Fidel's regime and ordering around your own little slave posse before you can say "give my assets to society"...

EDIT: As people have pointed out, that last paragraph may have been a little excessive. It really does make me cross though. As Longrider points out in the comments, IHT really doesn't take into account ability to pay. There's also something rather distasteful about a government man showing up to value all of your dead relative's possessions (because IHT is payable on the whole estate: house, furniture (got any nice, antique furniture? You know, not bought as an investment, but because you liked it more than Ikea's offerings?), everything).

As has also been pointed out, I think that we are taxed far too highly in general but I think that what really annoys me beyond measure is the slavish notion that many have that the government (or those that are net receivers of their largesse) are in some way entitled to a proportion of your money, that somehow the government have a right to steal 40% of what we earn and give it to someone else (or piss it up the wall).

People have become so used to governments taking what is, let's face it, a fair wad of what they earn in order to redistribute it, or waste it, as they see fit. It is this kind of attitude that makes the government think that they can get away with all of the other assaults on our liberties and, for the most part, they appear to be entirely correct.


Anonymous said...

you are lucky. Mine are spending it as fast as they can. Bastards.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Well, of course they are. They can't take it with them, and they can't leave it to you either. t'd just go towards topping up our masters' pension pot or buying methodone for Glaswegian drug-addicts. They may as well spend it on themselves: after all, they earned it; it's not mere luck that they have it...


Katy Newton said...

With you on inheritance tax.

Possibly not quite so with you on hoping that everyone who doesn't agree loses their entire family to cancer, is reduced to bankruptcy and alcoholism and ends it all by hurling themselves in front of a train.

But definitely with you on inheritance tax. And glad that you are happy with the Glaswegian lefty.

Anonymous said...

And you call us spiteful. What a thoroughly nasty post.

Anonymous said...

My distaste for inheritance tax is twofold - firstly, it is a tax on money that has been earned and therefore already taxed - a double taxation. Or, it is money that doesn't exist until it is realised by selling the property in which it is invested and not investing in another. Fine if it is not a primary residence, but if it is the inheritor's home, then forcing that person to either sell, or raise a mortgage to pay for the tax is at best immoral as it takes no account of ability to pay.

Then there's the matter of the chancellor "pissing it up the wall" - which makes three things, so before I get any more pythonesque, I'll stop...

'Berg said...

From the left side of the pond, we've got the same problem, although the liability floor is roughly twice what yours is in the UK -- $600,000. One problem here is that that figure puts most medium-sized family farms out of business if the principal croaks, and the corporate mega-ag concerns are immediately circling like buzzards. It would also affect most of our trust-fund- suckling Birkenstocked LeftCoast Limousine Liberals® had our tax code not specifically exempted certain financial vehicles from the "death tax".

I share your distaste for inheritance taxes for the same reasons, and yours as well, longrider.

"Since when is death a legitimately taxable event?


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