Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Honour killings and bare-faced cheek

Via Martin, one sometimes wonders what goes through the minds of these fuckers: can an entire family all be absolutely batshit mad? Is it, perhaps, some kind of inbreeding?
The family of an ethnic Turkish German woman executed by her brother in an "honour killing" has sparked outrage by applying for custody of her young son.

Miss Surucu, 23, was murdered in Berlin last February by her younger brother who shot her three times in the head in what the trial judge said was "an ice-cold execution-style murder - just because she lived her life."

Miss Surucu had been forced to marry a cousin in Turkey when she was 15. Later, she returned pregnant to Berlin, where she had been born, along with her nine brothers and sisters.

There she stopped wearing a headscarf, started training as an electrician and lived alone with her son, Can. She had relationships with men, including Germans, and wore make-up as well as going dancing, a lifestyle her Muslim family could not accept.

What the fuck? I mean, seriously; these people shoot dead their sister and then demand custody of her son?! Presumably so that they can bring him up with all of the hate-filled prejudices that they have.
Her 20-year-old brother Ayhan Surucu admitted committing the murder when aged 18, and was sentenced to nine years and three months last week.

There were cheers from the family in the courtroom when his two older brothers Alpaslan, 25, and Mutlu, 26, were acquitted of conspiracy to murder due to a lack of evidence.

These people are foul, absolutely foul. They should all be hanged until very, very dead; then their corpses should be dragged through the streets for the populace to spit on before being dismembered and buried in unconsecrated ground. There is no death too ignominious for these bastards.
The judge said that the brothers' possible involvement could not be ruled out, while the prosecutor's office said it would appeal to get the acquittals overturned.

Good, and I hope that they succeed.
The family's behaviour after court was greeted with horror in both Germany and Turkey.

It announced it would hold a big party, while at least one brother flashed the victory sign. Over the weekend a Berlin newspaper published photographs of five members of the family smiling and strolling with a friend through their district of the city.

These people are patently proud of what they have done. What kind of culture allows for this kind of evil? Well, I say "allows for", but what I really mean is "encourages and justifies".
Many Turkish commentators also criticised the German justice system, saying the three brothers would have received harsh sentences in Turkey.

Ah, right: that'll be this Turkey, will it?
A survey by a university in Turkey has shown almost 40% support for the practice of "honour killing".

Turkish law, which used to be lenient on "honour crimes", was heavily revised as part of the country's preparation for EU accession proceedings.

That might be the only good thing that the EU has ever achieved.

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