Thursday, April 27, 2006

Freedom & Whisky on public business and social justice.
In other words this whole boondoggle is about spending taxpayers' money on politically correct non-businesses that can't exist fair and square in the marketplace. Scotland's problem is that politicians of all parties refuse to speak out in favour of the real businesses that are forced to pay for their "social" competitors.

Hayek was right. When we abandon the market and turn instead to the incoherent ideas of social justice and social enterprise the ultimate outcome will be "the complete abolition of personal liberty".

Scotland is fast becoming the shining socialist turd in NuLabour's compost heap of a country. Over half of the workforce are now employed by the wealth-consuming public sector. How long can it go on?

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neil craig said...

It is about 53% of GNP & about 1/4 of the workforce (plus those on the dole & disability.

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