Monday, April 10, 2006

Following my beating of Captain Picard, a new blog on me, Cold Steel, looks back at one of Patrick Stewart's past roles: that of Sejanus in I, Claudius.
Sejanus was, in short, a lying, disreputable ambitious shit who would stop at nothing to achieve absolute power. He happily bullied the Roman populace into cowered submission as he went about building a police state ostensibly for the benefit of his master, Tiberius, but in fact was creating the instruments that would allow him to replace the Emperor. His spies were everywhere, and he justified his subversion of justice with the need for Security, exploiting his powers to torture and kill his opponents based on the trumped up threat of treason to the person of the Emperor. His contempt for the traditional liberties of the Roman people led him to savagely undermine them.

I highly recommend that you read the whole thing; I shall be following this one with interest...

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