Thursday, April 27, 2006

The ever excellent Chris Dillow makes some good points about power.
  1. Power doesn’t merely corrupt. It enslaves. Many rulers are not as free as we think. This, in a different context, is one message of Xenophon’s Hiero.

  2. What matters in politics is not the particular individual occupying any office. Office determines character more than character determines office.

  3. There’s something deeply dysfunctional about political institutions. The great thing about markets is that they cause bad people, acting for bad motives, to do good things. Our political institutions cause good people, acting for good motives, to do bad things.

Go and read the whole thing: Chris makes some very good points in his usual measured way.

1 comment:

Stew said...

I can't go read it because there are NO LINKS. or have I just had too many beers?

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