Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Devil's Kitchen Design

In preparation for the out, I've been rebuilding my personal site over the last few days. I still need to start processing my print work and get it up there, but a lot of the other stuff is near complete.

I know that it could probably do with a few more images, but if anyone would like to take a swift look around and give me any feedback (especially if something looks broken) that would be wonderful.

Go and peruse Devil's Kitchen Design...

EDIT: The interesting thing is to what extent I mention this place. I feel that an awareness of blogging and new media is a good thing to put on my CV, but it is entirely possible that any prospective employer might get... ahem... entirely the wrong idea about my general... demeanour. Interesting question, I think: any views?


Cedalion said...

"Extremely proficient in English..." - I'll say.

Allan Scullion said...

What's in a name?

The web site is great, but The name Devil's Kitchen Design makes me think you are a kitchen designer not a web designer.

Sorry, it must be the way it trips off the tongue ;-(


Anonymous said...

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