Friday, April 14, 2006

Delingpole and chavs

Other people have pointed to the Delingpole article on "chavs" or whatever you want to call them. I favour the phrase "scum who are rather lower than the beasts of the field because they have chosen to take the intelligence which is the sole gift of mankind and piss it away in an orgy of instant gratification in the name of their "rights" and thus render human society a worse place in which to live" myself, but each to their own.
What the authors failed to understand is that the reason we laugh at the underclass owes less to snobbery than to frustration and despair at the social consequences of bien-pensant misgovernance. We see young girls being given a financial incentive to turn into single mums; we see parents unwilling to discipline and schools afraid to teach; we see a Government hell-bent on expanding the State so that more people are reduced to the role of whining supplicants; we inhabit a society obsessed with human rights but apparently uninterested in personal responsibility. We laugh at the underclass for the same reason we laugh in wartime and after appalling disasters: because if we didn’t we’d only cry.

I've always wondered, too, why—in the name of all that is holy—these things choose to wear "trakkies", of either the matt or shiny variety? Don't they realise that they look like a parody of... well... the traditional chav? Or is this some kind of blunt, underclass satire?

I mean, it's not even as though they are particularly cheap; you could get a decent pair of jeans at Asda for less than a tracksuit costs. And those jeans would probably cost less than a couple of bottles of White Lightning, and considerably less than a set of blue lights to put on the underside of their car. I just don't get it.

But then, I'm a posh twat who doesn't understand the working man's pain, obviously...

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