Saturday, April 01, 2006

Care for the elderly

The Welfare State We're In has some interesting observations about the recent Wanless Report on elderly care here, here and here. This from the first one:
It is good to see resistance to the idea that there can be two people - one of whom spends everything through life while the other saves prudently for old age - who then find themselves in next door rooms in the same care home. The first gets care in old age at the expense of other taxpayers while the second pays for the same care out of savings. It is not fair and the fact of it discourages people from saving - which generally is a sensible and empowering thing to do.

Well, of course, I agree with him.

Others, of course, would not. For why save? You cannot take it with you and, as we all know, passing it on to your children is evil and wrong*, selfishly giving them an advantage in life by sheer fucking luck...

* Don't forget to read the comments, wherein Andrew calls me "a brute" and "scum", and then dodges my most substantive point about taxing labour being the fairest thing to do. You'll enjoy it...


Anonymous said...

To us passing observers who don't know you, it is starting to sound as if you are relying on your inheritance to prop up your failing business, fund the pension that you chose not to contribute to and generally use your family wealth to avoid personal responsibility. As that would clearly be contrary to your ideas of individual vs state, I may be misunderstanding??

Devil's Kitchen said...


Ironically, if I had had no "family wealth", I would not be in the current shitty situation (and I also made the stupid decision to trust someone who, in retrospect, I should never have done). As you point out though, you don't know me, so stop with the snide ad hominem comments, eh?

As that would clearly be contrary to your ideas of individual vs state, I may be misunderstanding??

Hardly. I use my money, and I have never taken anything from the state. That sounds to me like taking personal responsibility rather than relying on the state.


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