Friday, April 28, 2006

Cameron: dead meat

EU Referendum predicts that Spam Cam is "dead meat". It is difficult to disagree.
This cannot compare with the cavortings of Johnny "two-shags" Prescott, the serial incompetence of Charles Clarke, or the stunning ineptitude of Patricia Hewitt, but it nevertheless fatally weakens the credibility of the Boy on the ground of his own choosing. It was an entirely unforced error that will rebound with an electorate which dislikes hypocrisy in its politicians.

Above all, its shows that the Fraud King cannot be trusted. If his "flagship policy" is a charade – all spin and no substance – what price any of his other policies? In opting for cheap gestures, he has further diminished the standing of politicians, and added to the general contempt which the breed attracts.

Whenever the Boy now raises his "green" agenda in public, he will be the object of amused derision – fatal to the reputation of any wannabe serious politician. He is dead meat. And that put the anti-EU agenda further down the line than it has been in living memory.

This is a serious error; we sensible people do not really give a stuff about "environmental issues", sceptical as we are of the scale and causes of "global warming" and trusting that mankind's ingenuity will provide technology to see us through, but we do care about hypocrisy in our elected representatives.

Squander Two identified a gap in the political market, a few days ago: honesty, probity and accountability.
"I will not accept any of the type of abuse of power and trust that became so prevalent towards the end of Major's and Blair's time in power. Any member of my government found to be accepting any sort of bribe will be out immediately. Any member of my government found to have misled Parliament — for instance, by failing to declare an interest — will be out immediately. Any member of my government found to be having an extra-marital affair will be out immediately. Marriage is both a position of trust and a contract; anyone willing to break either for personal pleasure has no place in government.

The Conservatives only really need to peddle one idea: that they will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They need to work hard to get the electorate to actually trust them when they say this, but they have four years in which to make that happen.

Cameron has just set that ideal back by about twenty years, the fucking monkey.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for being thick but what the fuck are you talking about?
There is no link to a news story, no link to the source of your quote, no bleedin' links at all.
Is it about Dave being a greeny weeny in Scandanavia? Or Dave not playing with anyone who has non-eu toys, (posh is Dave), or Dave and his car delivered briefcase?
WTF etc..

Devil's Kitchen said...


Apologies: I'm becoming sloppy. Link posted.


Blognor Regis said...

we sensible people do not really give a stuff about "environmental issues"

Er, I care about "environmental issues". I don't want the air, land and sea polluted, the country concreted over, animals, birds and fish made extinct and I don't suppose you really do either. The trouble is the agenda is always hijacked by watermelons, statists using the environment as a cloaking device for their same old same old policies of control. In that regard I share your frustration and understand you contempt.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Aye, well, ye ken wha' a mean an' that...

Yer pal, DK

Blognor Regis said...

Och, aye. I know wor yer seyin right enough.

(It's a Russ Abbott show revial!)

Anonymous said...

I would strongly support the idea of having a political leader who tells the truth.

Just one problem.

How does such a person ever get elected to start with?

Martin said...


You are, of course, absolutely correct - however Spam might find any attempt to proscribe hooky nooky amongst his Shadow Cabinet philosophically impossible. After 30 years of ingesting the Thatcherite anarcholibertarian mantra of the primacy of personal choices, his party wouldn't accept a socially conservative leader.

Which is yet another reason why the working class, who have always been the most socially onservative of all our castes, don't vote Tory.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a tree hugger too. Actually, I much prefer slugs and centipedes to people as I am deranged.

So true about the blithering Cameron. Any leader serious about green issues would be sitting in an office thinking up suitable strategies, not squandering fuel flying with a huge entourage just to be photographed wandering in the snow looking serious. We should have had Davies.

neil craig said...

I would leave off making such promises. Firstly because integrity is like virginity - if you have to talk about it you probably aren't. Also to promise that you wil always tell the "whole truth" is giving an enormous hostage to fortune:

"Minister to what extent is our foreign policy run on an ethical basis & to what extent to suck up to the US"

Instead the Tories should try to convince people they are more competent & less run by political correctness than Labour - on both of these linked bits Cameron is moving in the wrong direction.

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