Monday, March 13, 2006

Right Again For Scotland

Another good post up from Right For Scotland, concerning Milosevic and the UN.
But on the final reckoning the only reason the racists Socialist Milosevic escaped justice was because he had the good fortune to be handed over to a UN run tribunal. There he was guaranteed a long and drawn out trial who’s real purpose is not to convict him but to cover their own backs. He read this perfectly and kept them in knots for 5 long years.

He escaped justice on the UN watch in the same way that his troops reverted to barbarity on the UN watch.

Every word is a gem.

I have to confess that my memories of the Yugoslavian concept go something like this:
  • The country collapses after the fall of Communism and splits into three states: Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia.

  • Bosnia demands total independence. Germany foolishly leaps to recognise the country.

  • The Serbs attack Croatia, butchering them and generally behaving badly.

  • Never to be outdone, the Croatians, although falling back before the Serbian war machine, decide that attacking Bosnia and murdering some people there would be a really good idea.

  • The UN hasn't got a fucking scooby what to do, and sends in some troops. Unfortunately they have no mandate to fire their weapons and get slaughtered, taken hostage or, most frequently, completely ignored.

  • The US offers to help calm this bloodbath down, but is snottily rebuffed by the European leaders, who insist that it is a European problem and that the Europeans will sort it out.

  • The European leaders swiftly realise that they are out of their depth, but pride stops them asking for help. Meanwhile, thousands more innocents are butchered by Serbs, Croats and Bosnians.

  • The former Home Secretary, that horrible little shit Douglas Hurd, demands that we arm the Bosnian rebels in order to create, and I quote here, "a level killing-field". Any of the little respect that I had for the Mister-Whippy-headed patrician cunt drains out through the soles of my shoes.

  • Clinton says, "Enough of this shit" and decides to go in anyway. Britain and America carry out high-level bombing raids on Serbia. Illegally. No resignation is forthcoming from the principled Home Secretary, one Robin Cook. In the course of this bombing, the TV station is deliberately targeted and a number of civilians die. Note that there was no memo for this action, no President talking about bombing a TV station.

  • Eventually, everyone is so sick and tired of murdering each other that they eventually call it a day. Especially as the US threatens to murder everyone in the region if they don't just stop killing each other.

  • The US buggers off home, leaving the UN to deal with the mess. The UN haven't a fucking clue what to do, so they spend five fucking years trying Slobodan Milosovic.

  • Milosovic is found dead in his cell. No one mourns his loss.

  • A few days after his death, and the world is still pleased to be rid of him. Not least the UN, who fear that the continued examination of their actions in the former Yugoslavia would show them up to be the corrupt, useless fuckwits that we know them to be.

  • Your humble Devil spends much of his weekend in his local, talking to the barman who worked for the UN in East Timor for three years. He confirms that the UN is precisely as lazy, stupid and corrupt as they can possibly get away with being.

  • Your humble Devil does not faint with surprise.

The whole thing was a total fucking mess, and it's very far from being alright now...


Katy Newton said...

"Milosevic is found dead in his cell. No one mourns his loss"

... except Neil Clark, who seems a little upset.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's because underneath it all, Milosevic was just a misunderstood cuddly bunny who loved his mum...

DC said...

I agree with your analysis of the UN but not with much of the rest of what you are saying.

The breakup of Yugoslvia, a state that had artifically been kept together by Tito for decades, was incredibly complicated.

Although the various conflicts mainly involved the three main ethnic groups, they were never really between three states.

As for Right For Scotlands comment - what would he have preferred - "Shot At Dawn" by the Americans?

If anyone really wants to understand the situation in the Balkans then I recommend a novel by Ivo Andric - The Bridge On The River Drina.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I'm aware of that US; this is why I specifically said that this is what I remember...


MatGB said...


You remember wrong. Very, very wrong.

Milosevic started the whole thing off (speech on the anniversary of the battle of Kosovo Polje, June 1989) by stoking Serb nationalist sentiments.

He manouvered to destroy the autonomy of Kosovo and Vojvodina, and then planted a placeman into Montenegro, giving him 4 votes on the Federal Council, and was doing the same in Macedonia.

Seeing the way things were going, Slovenia had a referendum and voted to seccede, followed by Croatia. The Yugoslav federal army lost its Slovene and Croat members, and the now almost exclusively Serb leadership decided to invade Slovenia, but couldn't fight due to no supply lines through Croatia, so withdrew; mostly a saber rattling exercise.

Germany jumped the gun and recognised Croatia. The Yugoslav federal PResident requested help from Nato; Nato said no, it was an internal issue they wouldn't get involved. This was before conflict blew up in Croatia.

The Croats have elected a fascist as their President as well. This doesn't help matters. Milosevic was a nazi, Tudjman a fascist.

Everyone not a member of Majors Govt says that peacekeepers should be deployed to Bosnia before it kicks off. The west, generally, refuses. The US isn't even interested.

Bosnia kicks off. Tudjman and Milosevic have pretty much decided to partition the place. Sound familiar? A Communist and a Fascist divide a buffer zone country between themselves?

I, um, could write a lot more.

Milosevic was responsible for stoking the fires, rode himself to power on the back of a nationalistic fervour he created, especially amongst Kosovan Serbs, and, generally, was a bastard.

Tudjman was a reaction to this; but neither country could be described in any way was democratic.

I could write a lot more. In fact, I have written a lot more; I went back to complte my degree partially bacause I wanted to study more about the mess that was Bosnia, I knew a lot before then. If there's one thing I (a generalist by preference) could be an 'expert' in, it's that, but I'm rusty on dates/details/etc.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Good stuff! See, one can learn stuff on t'internet...


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