Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Reptile House: paranoia and Jowell

The Conservative Party Reptile seems to be on fine form this morning and, indeed, in something of a bate. Apparently The Constant Gardener is every bit the pile of misguided, paranoid arseflakes that I had anticipated from watching the trailer. As usual, it attacks big business for being big and, well, in business; the Reptile thinks, quite correctly, that this is a load of old horseshit.
There is at present an advert on the Tube for a two-dimensional, predictable thriller. The tagline screams "Are you frightened by Big Corporations? Then this book is for you!" Are more sensible line would be "Are you frightened by Big Corporations? Then grow the fuck up and get a sense of perspective you tiresome whinging little Guardianista. Bastard."

Quite so, and beautifully articulated there.

Even more delightfully, he highlights yet more grist for the Tessa Jowell mill.
Jesus, why doesn't she just resign already? This story is going to run and run, and every time a new allegation is made the only comebacks will be "I didn't know!" or "But everyone does that." The new one, (via Iain and Guido) is that shares in Old Monk, which she categorically denied that her husband owned, were in fact owned by an off-shore company of which Mills was the sole beneficial owner.

It's a definite untruth. The shares were owned, legally, by her husband, and she denied specifically that this was the case. The defence will obviously be that she didn't know, but is this good enough.

One imagines that Tessa was completely unaware of these dealings as well. My, my, what an ignorant woman she is.

Look, either she is a horrible, horrible liar or she is so irredeemably clueless as to be a positive danger to this country's interests. Or, of course, she is both. Come on, Tess: do us all a favour and fall on your sword*, will you?

* If you want to make that a reall sword, none of us are going to be overly bothered over here.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how big her department's budget is but if she adopts anywhere near the level of staggering ignorance and ineptitude she shows for her own family's finances then we're fucked, yet again.

Also we're always told that in law "ignorance is no defence", although I have to say that I really don't buy this load of old guff which she is spinning. So why does this not also apply to the ministerial code of practice. Perhaps it is because the way it is conducted and policed is a crock of shite? It's more like a conman's charter.

chris said...

Come on, Tess: do us all a favour and fall on your sword
Given her general level of competence she'll miss.

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