Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Religious Policeman narrates a shorter history of Arabia.
And indeed, no-one sensible did want to go there. It was as hot as hell, the only things to survive were palm trees and camels, and, a major drawback, there was nothing to ferment. (OK, there's Date Wine, but would you drink Date Wine?). So no-one sensible did go there. That just left the not-so-sensible people, who did go there. Let's face it, if you could live by the Nile and bathe in ass's milk, or that bit between the Mediterranean and the Jordan and eat oranges and drink real wine and cook in virgin olive oil, why would you choose to spend your life squatting in the sand eating rancid goat cheese? But some did. But we won't call them the not-so-sensible people. Let's call them Arabians instead, it's kinder.

Very funny. As is the Camel War...

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