Friday, March 17, 2006

Proof of Sir Ian Blair's idiocy!

I think that I should go into copywriting and, more particularly, film slogans. I have just seen an advert for the remake of The Pink Panther (an abysmal concept in itself, although we all know that A Shot In The Dark was by far the best of those films) and it has the following tagline.
It takes an idiot to catch a thief.

Really? Does it really? This is a completely stupid line but... it does lead to an amusing proof. Bear with me...
  1. Sir Ian Blair is the top policeman in the Metropolitan Police.

  2. To be the top policeman, he must be the best at catching criminals.

  3. Thieves are criminals.

  4. It takes an idiot to catch a thief, and thus it must take an exceptional idiot to catch many of them.

  5. Sir Ian Blair must have caught many thieves; in fact, he must be the best in the whole of the Met. at catching thieves.

  6. Therefore, Sir Ian Blair is the biggest idiot in the Met.

quod erat demonstrandum

You heard it here first, folks...

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Wrinkled Weasel said...

Hijacked thread.

The really bad story of the day:-

big shot movie star comes to St Andrews, goes to the hydro for a "massage" - decides, for whatever reason, to have a Sherman Tank during the massage, and the masseuse, well - her life is over. She has never been so shocked in her life. Her career is ruined and seeks recompense from her employers because of the trauma.

Get a life lady, it was JUST A WANK.

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