Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Once more for the Lords...

There once was a fat cunt called Clarke
Whose bite was worse than his bark
Five times in a row
The Lords told him "no!
ID Cards? Stuff that for a lark!"

Oh, and all you guys with those Elect The Lords buttons on your blogs? If I were you I'd dump them; now Princess Toni favours an elected Second Chamber and that means that you know that it's the wrong thing to do!
Lord Strathclyde, the Tory leader in the Lords, said there was some confusion about whether there was the political will to see through reforms.

And he said there was not much point in looking at the reforms unless the House of Lords was made stronger.

Yeah, you can just see Toni, having suffered a series of humiliating defeats at the hands of our good peers, making the House of Lords stronger, can't you?

And if you needed any more proof that having an elected Second Chamber is a bad idea, that pus-ridden oaf, Ken Clarke, is also in favour.
Ex-Conservative chancellor Ken Clarke, head of the Conservatives' democracy task force, said he thought the majority of MPs would back a 70% elected House of Lords in a free vote.

The "scandal" over Labour loans had brought such changes much nearer, said Mr Clarke, who also pushed for more state funding of political parties.

"Some urgent reform is needed on all these fronts if we are to have any chance of restoring the faith of the ordinary, sensible member of the public in the democratic system of this country," he argued.

Ken Clarke is not the decent, ordinary chap that everyone seems to think that he is: he is a hideous, boorish, centrist, managerialist, overweight, pompous chimp whose only claim to fame is that, as Chancellor, he was too fucking lazy to actually do anything with the economy and thus left it in a reasonably sound state. Actually, come to think of it, he is pretty ordinary... For which read "mediocre at best"...
Lord McNally, the Lib Dem Lords leader, said it was entirely possible to give the second chamber powers which allowed it to be "uppity" while leaving MPs with the final say over legislation.

Where is the need for reform, exactly? Because, I'm sorry, isn't that what we have right now? And the Lords have been doing a splendid job—good on 'em! Even Curious Hamster has been forced to praise them.

Seriously though, look at the cunts the people of Britain have elected to the House of Commons: you want to have a second House like that? Anyone who advocates such is a fucking loon...


Jackart said...

You might want to have a look at my post on this very issue ... (I concurr by the way)

PS Thanks for the plug, my traffic has shot up!

Garry said...

I have to admit to having second thoughts about the whole Elect the Lords thing essentially for the reasons you've raised. I've waivered between for and against on this for a while but I certainly don't want Princess Tony in charge of any reforms.

The problem for me, and the reason I've got the button, is that someone pointed out the following to me. Blair is stuffing the Lords with his cronies and Labour goons as fast as he can get away with. He's apparently created more new Lords than any other PM in living memory (I think, but don't quote me on that). It won't be long now till the current splendid independence of the Lords is just another distant memory. And there's sweet F.A. we can do about it.

So, in theory, I support a fully elected second chamber. (It'd have to have substantially different rules to the commons though.) But as I say, I don't trust Toni one bit. He'll be looking to strengthen party control when it needs weakened.

The Moai said...

I dropped the Elect The Lord button on my blog after the first Lords defeat of ID cards. Only the Lords in their current form can stop Toni and his reactionary idiot mates.

Gawd bless yer, yer Lordships! [tugs forelock]

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