Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mr Eugenides lays into Polly Toynbee and it is short but oh so very sweet.
But third, and yet more insidious, is the assumption that this is somehow "extraordinary". Get this through your head, you hateful old trout: what is extraordinary is not that the government chooses, in its infinite compassion, not to tax certain components of the private property that you bequeath to your children; what is extraordinary is that the government believes it has any right to tax any of it in the first place.

Those who own private companies, be they multi-billion pound multinationals or small family-owned shops, own something created by their own hands, with their own capital, and work, and dedication, and risk. Not yours. I repeat for emphasis; it is theirs and not yours. Keep your fucking hands to yourself.

Great stuff.

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