Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ID's a fuck-up

Via esteemed contributor MatGB, Tory Convert looks at why we are so badly governed, with reference to the pamphlet by Sir Christopher Foster.
ID cards are identified as "a good example of the confusion which the absence of an adequate white paper can cause". Remember that LSE report on the cost of ID cards? Sir Christopher cites that as an example of "just the kind of report on the detailed implications of the scheme which should - and once almost certainly would - have been produced as a government white paper and laid before parliament". Furthermore:
It would appear that the government behind the scenes had decided to drop the sophisticated ID card as too expensive, complicated, under-researched and as such unlikely to be much help against terrorists. It had switched its attention to a more modest measure, more suited to help with benefit fraud, but apparently did not want this to be public knowledge. So Home Office civil servants were reportedly reduced to imploring the LSE not to produce its report until the relevant debate was over. The episode was a ripe example of how poor bill preparation and poorer public explanation can make a farce of parliamentary proceedings.

So what is Sir Christopher saying here? That we're going to be saddled with ID cards because Home Office ministers don't want to back down and admit what an utterly poorly thought-through idea they are, how ineffectual they will be in fighting terrorism?

Yup, that's about the size of it. And because the government are a bunch of cunts.

Mind you, the above would make sense given the constant vacillation by the Home Office concerning the reasons for ID Cards. Perhaps I have overestimated this government and it is simply mediocrity and incompetance, rather than mendacity, that is their principle problem.

Nah. I do think that they are incompetent, certainly, but this would matter less if it were not for their consistent lies and over-reaching, almost megalomaniacal, ambition and desire to control every last breath of their unfortunate citizens.

Any way that you look at this, it simply puts the government in a worse light than you might have imagined. Thought that they were simply stupid? No, they are deceitful too. Thought they were plain liars? Unfortunately, they are also useless administrators. Thought that they had both bases pretty comprehensively covered?

Now you know that they have...

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