Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I knew that A Very British Dude would be worth keeping an eye on: I love this post, and not only for this brilliant last line.
Maybe they will teach you a lesson: Guns and bombs and tough, nasty men keep us free and safe, Norman, not giving the terrorists a slice of your wife's smashing nut roast and a nice big Huggy-hug.

Very funny indeed, as is this post on the smoking ban by Davo at Bawbags:
I'm going to print that out on thousands of mailing labels to keep handy. Whenever I get into an argument about this shite, I'm not going to speak, I'm just going to slap one of the labels right on the cunt's forehead.
Nae speaking, just *slap*. See ye fuckin later.

I like that authentic Scottish style...

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