Thursday, March 09, 2006


After posting that last, incredibly balanced post, one has to point out that this sort of shit cannot be allowed to go on (via Martin).
An arrest warrant has been issued for a devout Muslim who tried to hire a hitman to carry out an honour killing.
Mohammed Arshad, 51, served six months of a seven-year sentence after being found guilty of plotting the death of his son-in-law.

Robert Sharp would no doubt point out that the fact that this man was caught and jailed merely shows that our system works, and I partially agree with him in this assessment. However, we do not need people who seriously believe that the circumstances described below warrant the taking of a life.
Arshad put a price of £1,000 on the head of Abdullah Yasin, whom he wanted "removed from this earth" after discovering he had married his daughter, Insha, five years ago.

During his subsequent trial, the High Court in Edinburgh heard that Mr Yasin was from a different caste and in a culture of arranged marriages.

The rules had been broken by marrying a younger daughter before her older sister had settled with a husband, the court heard.

We have seen many, many adverts—both still and on TV—advising people that domestic violence is totally unacceptable and that there is no excuse for it. Will we now see advertising campaigns in Muslims areas pointing out that "honour" killings are not acceptable in this country under any pretext?

Still, perhaps Arshad had only been here a little while, and was not used to our quaint liberal ways?
Arshad, who served as a justice of the peace and on Tayside Racial Equality Council, was trapped in an undercover police operation in Perth as the supposed hitman was a detective and their conversation was secretly taped.

He served as a justice of the peace? What the fuck? And on Tayside Racial Equality Council? Seriously?

In the name of all that is unholy, what the hell is up with this "honour" shit? This guy knew the laws of this land: he spent some of his time enforcing them upon others. This is no newly-arrived innocent from the backwoods of Pakistan, this guy knew precisely what he was doing and obviously felt that he was entirely justified in doing it.

This is the kind of behaviour that we have to counter; either by a campaign of information, or by harsher methods. As I have said before, if you do not wish to abide by our laws and culture, do feel free to leave...


Wrinkled Weasel said...

We cannot tolerate what is simply cultural terrorism any more. I dont want to live in a multicultural society if it means this sort of crap - i like the culture I have thanks.

this links niceley to a comment I made here, along with THAT cartoon

Anonymous said...

"Forced marriage is an abuse of human rights and cannot be justified on any religious or cultural basis."

Looks like you're in danger of agreeing with state action?

Anonymous said...

Robert Sharp would no doubt point out that the fact that this man was caught and jailed merely shows that our system works

You took the words right out of my mouth, DK. ;-)

To repeat, I'm in agrement with you lot, in that if 'multiculturalism' means having to put up with other people's abuses of human rights, then I'm against it. But I think it means - or should mean - something different from that.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Robert, thanks; that was exactly the article I was looking for but after a (very) cursory look was unable to locate.


Serf said...

I'm sure that The Devil will agree with State Action, when that action is on behalf of the freedom of a weak person versus a strong one.

Its unbelievable that we still ignore the abuses that women from certain cultures have to endure. (I include the indigenous scote culture in that as well).

The thing that everyone ignores is that a lot of it is about money. Get your daughter to marry her cousin, because that way the money stays in the family. Its also about power, someone who is not the husband of your choice will allow your daughter to behave how he sees fit.

Either way it has no place in a free society.

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