Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hit me, baby, one more time...

Via HIM, another ordinary tale of primitive folk.
A court in Kristiansand, southern Norway, has sentenced a man to 120 days in jail for beating his teenage daughter with straps and a metal rod. The beatings were sparked by her admission that she no longer was a virgin.

The 49-year-old man, who emigrated to Norway from Iraq, claimed he'd done nothing wrong. He told the court that he was "much kinder" than many other fathers from his culture would have been.

He claimed most other men would have killed the girl, instead of "just beating her."

Well, let's hope that the court shows a similar amount of mercy, eh? What a wonderful guy he is for not killing his daughter! Surely Allah will reward him for his mercy. Oh, I do know that the report doesn't say that he is a Muslim, but what do you reckon the chances are that he is not. Vanishingly small, I would say.
He also complained that his daughter had put his family in a difficult situation by reporting the beatings to police.

Yeah, bloody hell; what an ungrateful bitch she is, eh? She should take her beatings and enjoy them. Her father was only beating her for her own good, after all; if she hadn't been such a whore then he would not have been forced to raise his hand (and metal rod) to her.
Kristiansand newspaper Fædrelandsvennen reported that he now fears he'll be deported.

Well, I think that that would be only fair, eh? Although, it wouldn't be fair on the daughter since they would undoubtedly be deported to a country in which her protection would be non-existant. In fact, the local community would probably rally around to help beat the sin out of her.

So, naturally, one hopes that—should this violent, primitive little fuck-faced goat-raper be deported—that she will be allowed to remain in the country.
The court decision marks the second time he's been convicted of assaulting his daughter. He was sentenced to 45 days in prison last June after he beat his daughter for coming home late and having a boyfriend.

See the mercy!
The beatings continued after the daughter admitted she'd had sexual relations with two boyfriends. The father also allegedly threatened to decapitate her.

Jesus, what a little cunt. You know what the problem is with these people?

SWS: Small Willy Syndrome. I bet Mohammed had the Eastern world's tiniest penis.
He told the court that he regrets bringing his family to Norway, because he believes the country is much less conservative than he had thought it was.

Personally, if I were a Norwegian, I would say, "thank fuck our country isn't the kind of place that this violent, virulent pus-bag thought he was coming to."

I think that the man should be repeatedly beaten for being a primitive fuckwit, and squandering the intelligence that evolution has gifted him with by following a culture of violence and stupidity.


Serf said...

Perhaps we should take out great big ads in certain Mid Eastern Newspapers.

Great Britain Welcomes Gays
Is Your Father Stopping You From Having a Boyfriend, Come to Britain.

Maybe it will put the wrong sort off.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

you have said it all.. and well.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post

Anonymous said...

what do you expect from a backward , brainwashed pack of ill educated inbred halfwits that would let their own children die defending a god that was invented by people who use and encourage their ignorance and superstition to enslave them.

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