Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Gordo wanted to email me straightaway...

With his budget results...
I wanted to email you straight away to highlight some of the key points in my Budget where I took action to help Britain's families.

The British economy is entering its tenth year of growth under a Labour Government. There are now two million more people in work right across Britain and because of the decisions we have made, inflation and mortgage rates remain low.

So today I announced how we would lock in this progress and stability which the country has worked so hard to achieve.

This economic strength also enabled me to do more to help families, the older generation and to continue improving our public services.

It's not easy raising a family. So I increased the child tax credit and child benefit to help parents with the costs of bringing up their families.

Education is my top priority. Today I announced £585 million more to be paid direct to schools to be spent on what they think is best for their pupils.

There was good news, too, for pensioners. From next month, they will enjoy free local bus travel outside peak hours.

But I know many pensioners want the chance to travel outside their communities.

So I announced that we'll introduce free national bus travel off peak for pensioners and the disabled from April 2008.

There's £100 million extra, as well, to speed up the recruitment of thousands more Community Support Officers so they can back up the record number of police. Making our communities safer for old and young alike.

But we all know none of this would be possible if we took risks with our economy, or if we cut investment in our public services.

It took action not words to build today's strong economy - and in today's Budget I have taken action to achieve my most important goal: fairness for Britain's hard working families.


Gordon Brown MP

The whole thing is touchingly illustrated with sections from this delightful image; Gordo really is going for the sympathy vote, eh?

And, in the meantime (and to steal Doc Crippen's catchphrase), those in the real world (and without children) struggle on at the coalface...


Blognor Regis said...

It's delusional.

Simon Hodges said...

Phew! lucky there's half a bil coming the schools way, if that picture's anything to go by, A-Level art has really slipped.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Minus £17 billion for the LEAs of course...

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