Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ellis again

OK, OK, now I'm hacked off. I've been in the pub and read The Sunday Times and I'm now really fucking angry. Almost every page had stories that fucked me off beyond measure, but we'll start with Frank again. So, who knew that he is ex-SAS?
Former SAS comrades in arms remember Ellis as a man “without a racist bone in his body” who was second to none in his admiration of the Fijians he served alongside while protecting the Sultan of Oman from rebels in the late 1970s.

He was “a great guy to be with when the bullets were flying”, an old colleague told the Daily Mail. “He was like any other SAS soldier — he took people for what they were and worked harmoniously with anybody so long as they were professional.”

Who also knew that he is fluent in a number of languages, including Arabic?
Paradoxically, Ellis is sensitive to other cultures. A gifted linguist, he learnt Arabic with ease in Oman and was sent to the SAS educational centre to teach the language to other soldiers posted to the Middle East. Also fluent in Russian and German, he worked as a military interpreter in Berlin in the early 1980s.

So it not as though he is a hater of foreigners unless, of course, you believe that the kind of people that you have to deal with when you are in the SAS make you hate the whole of humanity, which I could definitely believe.
According to Jamie Caldwell, one of his students: “He was a very, very good teacher. He certainly knew his stuff. But I felt absolutely sickened when I read what he said and I stopped going to his lectures.”

Well, Jamie Caldwell, I have just self-censored what I originally wrote about you, but my contempt for you is astonishing. You fucking little hypocrite. You just stopped going to his lectures, did you? Did you go and look at any of the papers he cited? Did you challenge his views in a lecture? Did you know that the Eumenides were very keen on punishing those who failed the tests of pietas?
At first Leeds seemed to give Ellis the benefit of the doubt, pronouncing itself satisfied that “the question of discrimination does not arise in student assessment” since students’ work was double-marked.

No, at first Leeds defended him. Only now have they cravenly retreated.
Indeed, Ellis was said to be scrupulous in not imposing his racial views on his students. But last weekend seven of his former students complained in a letter to a newspaper that they “had to endure crudely ill-informed and offensive comments concerning the intellectual inferiority of black people and women during seminars”.

Oh, diddums. So you complained before this incident did you? Oh, you didn't? Well fuck you. Fuck Leeds, fuck its university, fuck those cowards who run that university, and fuck its craven, hypocritical students; fuck the lot of you. I hope the fucking Furies come and destroy the fucking lot of you.
A study of pre-school children in 2002 by Birmingham local education authority found that black children were second only to white middle-class children in achievement. One conclusion was that parenting was more important than genetics.

I'm sorry, but what class were the black children? Hello? Hello? Anyone there?
Other views intrude. Has the liberal impulse of never giving offence gone too far? Has Ellis abused his privileged position of authority?

Ellis’s right to freedom of speech was trumped by the students’ right to boycott his lectures. There is no more eloquent argument than an empty classroom.

As I said, all of those students can go and eat shit, the little fucks. I mean, we all know that the Mickey Mouse degrees handed out by universities these days preclude and discourage independent thought (the main reason that I became disillusioned with the whole system) but do they have to do the sheep act outwith their lectures too? I'd get really cross if I didn't know that their reaction was as much to do with their pig-ignorance as their ickle pretty sensibilities.


Martin said...


The self-loathing these individuals feel is worthy of treatment.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Not paid for by my cash it isn't.


Serf said...

As a rabid right wing Conservative, my entire educational career was a form of torture at the hands of nasty left wing Stalin apologists. Almost any statement they made concerning anything other than the lesson itself, was likely to be completely offensive to me.

Guess what, I never boycotted any lessons.

If they wish to boycott lessons, good luck to them come exam time.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Well, it's a good thing that they've timed it to coincide with the AUT Strike then, isn't it...

Besides, the point is that we rabid Conservatives do not boycott knowledge; we assimilate, cogitate and either retain or discard it according to its value. This is because we believe in personal freedom, responsibility and thought, rather than collectivism (or being sheep).


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