Monday, March 20, 2006


Right For Scotland comments on NuLabour's "will-change-government-policy-for-cash" administration.
This is not even comparable to “Tory Sleaze”. This is political larceny on a grand scale for political financial benefit carried out by wealthy middle class con artists.

The idea that anybody in their right mind could have voted this bunch of crooks in for a third term simply beggars belief. I have said it before, and I'm going to spell it out again, just in case anyone is stupid enough to even consider voting for these bastards next time around.
This is the most mendacious, dishonest, endemically corrupt, power-hungry, incompetant, illiberal fucking shower of shits that has ruled this country—probably ever... Anyone who voted for this government should be deeply ashamed, but not as ashamed as the so-called Opposition should be.... We are ruled by shits, fuck them all.

And remember, this corruption is endemic, it goes right to the very core of the NuLabour project: anyone who thinks that a Labour Party led by our Cyclopean Gobblin' King, or whoever, is going to be any better is a certifiable fucking loon. These people are mendacious cunts, down to the last man. If they ever allow us to have another election, we must be ready to deliver the biggest kicking that any party has ever received in the history of British politics, and then we can parade Toni through the streets of London to remind people what fucking daemons look like, the fucker.

There are no humiliations too degrading, no punishments too gruesome for that piece of shit.

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