Wednesday, February 22, 2006


A warm welcome to The Kitchen for Tiny Judas who, though another filthy Leftie, does, nevertheless, write amusing stuff such as this post on Children In Need...
I object to the people. The vile, pampered, patronising celebrities and the shameless, blindly hypocritical bile that they spew out to camera on cue whenever someone points a malnourished Romanian in their direction.

Even more disgusting is when they air drop a black celebrity into Africa, or an Asian celebrity into Pakistan, and they squeal emotionally as if there is some deeper racial connection based on the irrelevant and arbitrary similarity in their pigmentation.

If a generation of freed slaves who returned to Africa, to their 'spiritual home', found the continent a vast alienating unknown, what the flaming fuck does Lenny Henry think he knows about that the place? His blackness doesn't give him any better idea about what its like to walk 10 miles to get water than the ignorant white fucker they would have sent in his place.

TJ feels that, with his current commitments, he cannot keep his own blog going, but I think that he will fit in here nicely...

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