Monday, February 06, 2006

Warm the cockles of my heart

Following on from this post regarding NuLabour's seemingly deliberate lack of action on the "gangmaster" Bill, I note that Martin has a related note.
When asked about the risk of loss of life to cocklers on the Solway, Mr. Wood [of the Solway coast guard] said,

"It's very possible and it's almost certainly going to happen... it's only a matter of time before life is lost."

In that case, will the connection be made, and the appropriate amount of blame laid at the door of the NuLabour scum who have time and again refused to enforce or enact the Bill that they introduced with such fanfare? Will we see headlines like NuLabour's inaction leads to tens of deaths...? I fear that the chances are pretty fucking slim.

One of the reasons that I am so annoyed at the whole Iraq war fiasco is that it hogs the limelight whenever anyone talks about NuLabour's shortcomings, and thus tends to dwarf, or simply obscure, the piles of misery that the evil bunch of fucks have, through negligence or deliberate action (or inaction), created in this country.

Burn them all.

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