Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Turkish Delight, Narnia style...

Via Snafu, this frankly ludicrous story about science teaching.
A school in London is to scrap its policy of teaching science to Turkish children in their ethnic language.

The new head teacher of White Hart Lane School in Tottenham says the system did little to improve results.

About 400 of the school's pupils speak Turkish and those taking GCSE science had been given bi-lingual lessons.

In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Edmund falls under the spell of the Witch and this enchantment is reinforced with Turkish Delight; thus, this innocent—and, in my opinion, rather unpleasant (although I did go through a phase of liking it, I must confess)—held a sting in the tale.

As is the case here. The sting, of course, should be perfectly fucking obvious: if you cannot speak English, then you are going to find it pretty fucking difficult to get a job in Britain. This does nobody any favours, least of all the kids who will find themselves unemployable, and therefore spend a lifetime in poverty, their miserable fucking lives funded by handouts (from our taxes) and petty theft, and they will either die an ignominious death or, possibly, feel so "unempowered" that they will explode themselves (and others) on the Underground.

Therefore, it comes as precisely no surprise to find that that dreadful little turd, Stephen Twigg, was to be found initially applauding the initiative.
At the time, the idea was praised by the then education minister Stephen Twigg.

Luckily, the new Head Teacher seems to have some kind of idea of what her job actually is*.
"The children should be proud of their heritage," she told the TES.

"But these are young people growing up in London. We need to prepare them for work and life in London, so when they are in school they should communicate in English."

This measure was introduced in order to try to boost the science exam results; yet another stupid measure—and not just stupid, but actively damaging—was introduced to attempt to meet yet more government targets. How foolish.

* I believe that the acquisition of knowledge is a good thing beyond simply ensuring that the plebs can work; I believe that increased knowledge makes us all better people and, indeed, to an extent defines who we are. Alas, many plebs do not agree...

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