Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The trouble with religious loonies

Just a quickie: via The Daily Ablution, we find our old chum Omar Bakri sounding off in an interview (streaming RAM) with James Naughtie.

JN: "So free speech does not give people, in your judgement, the right to say anything which you find offensive."

OB: "You see, anything, which is [indistinct] offending other people belief or their own honour, I think they have the right to be angry, and that will lead for them to react, and everybody react according to certain code of conduct."

JN: "Well ..."

OB: "And our code of conduct is the Divine Text, not really what the man-made law says, but what God says we should react to any, you know, offending material."

[Emphasis mine—DK]

And guess what the "Divine Text" says should happen to anyone who disses a holy figure? Yup, it's execution time.

This is the problem with these people; they believe that the laws set down in their "Divine Text" trump the laws of the nation in which they live. And this doesn't solely apply to inciting murder and terrorism after being offended by some cartoons; it also applies in the case of "honour killings" and other such delights.

BTW, this was meant to go up this morning, before my tinternet went down. Back now though. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

Fecking morons.

I dont give a shit if you are a protestant, a catholic, a jew, a hindu, a confusion, a seihk, a muslim or a fucking Womble.

Youre thoughts dont invade mine. When you fucking understand that perhaps we will stop killing each other in the name of someone elses fucking God.

Katy Newton said...

DK, you know my feelings on fundamentalism generally, but Omar Bakri Mohammed has his comical side. Have you read "THEM: Adventures with Extremists" by Jon Ronson?

john b said...

Indeed. Bakri is a joke figure, on a par with Stephen Green rather than Osama Bin Laden...

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