Sunday, February 19, 2006

This is a good idea

Talk Politics has summed up the aims and main objectives of MatGB's ambitions, the so-called Liberty Central.
Got the general picture?

A non-partisan grand coalition of the British people with a uniform objective - a new constitutional settlement with all the trimmings; a written constitution, bill of rights, electoral reform, the full works. Think the Levellers, the Chartists. Think John Locke, J S Mill and Thomas Paine.

You'll also see me popping up in conversation in relation to hosting a new website called Liberty Central, which will hopefully provide a central gathering point for the 'coalition of the willing'.

This new site will be up in a few days with a target 'official' launch date of March 6th to coincide with the return of the ID cards bill to the House of Lords.

The purpose of this site will be all the usual things, to educate and inform, lobby, campaign, help people to organise, meet and shared ideas plus one very special purpose that I want to flag up.

This is all very lovely and, naturally, if they would like any really sweary articles written—maybe for Viz—then, of course, your humble Devil would be delighted to help out. And, of course, if they need anyone to call Brown, Blair (or any other NuLabour functionary) "a total cunt with warts all over, an' that" live on Newsnight, then I shall even find the money to get to London myself.

There, that's generosity for you.

Still, as Andrew points out, we will really need a lot of cash. I propose that we should indeed raise a large amount of money.

We could, for innstance, get donors to sponsor a "hit"; you know, something like "give us the £10,000 to kill Brown, and you get your name engraved on the bullet that passes through his noggin." Or people could go on sponsored runs to raise the money to take out Blair or, more appropriately, hold a cake sale to sponsor the annihilation of Margaret "Rosa Klebb" Beckett.

Alternatively, we can spend it on a pretty unstable 1974 Russian nuclear warhead, which we drop on the Houses of Parliament at the time of a three-line whip and damn the lot of them.

Am I going to gaol now?


Bishop Hill said...

"Am I going to gaol now?"

No, old chap. To heaven, surely. ;-)

MatGB said...

Hmm, not sure I'd be happy nuking Parliament; I know a number of cute girls living fairly close y'see, and the view is nice around there.

Just changing how it works does for me...

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