Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Snow Report

Back in the pub, attending to a few matters via email, and I thought that I'd keep you folks informed of my sad lack of death. The skiing is, indeed, marvellous and it is only the quality of the beer that dissuades me from staying for ever and ever.

Sort of.

Anyway, a massive whiteout this afternoon, so I came off the slopes relatively early; one cannot even see to the other side of the (narrow) valley; so, the skiing tomorrow should be great.

Thanks to MatGB for keeping up the posts here; any of the other contributors want to chip in? You'd be most welcome...

In the meantime, I see that The Gobblin' King continues to act like the utter cunt-strap that he is.
He said the plans would prevent "one of the central features of terrorist activity", which is criminals' use of multiple identities.

One 11 September hijacker used 30 false identities to obtain credit cards and $250,000, he said.

Really. And I wonder what Gordon's solution to this little problem might be...?
"Since then the problem has, if anything, worsened," he said. "Over the last few years the major terrorist suspects arrested, typically, have had up to 50 false identities each."

Wow! That false identity market's a big 'un, eh? I think that I might try to get into it: plenty of money to be made, methinks.
He insisted that measures would be taken to ensure that a national identity database would not be abused by private companies or government departments.

I think that it was Talk Politics or Chris Lightfoot (sorry, no links, short of time) who p[ointed out that the current Bill does not preclude this kind of abuse and, indeed, the very nature of checking the ID would make it difficult to restrict this kind of use.
"The legislation that comes before the Commons today already builds in important safeguards," he said.

"Private companies will not be able to see the national database, nor will government departments in routine business."

Hey, Gordo! Define "routine business" for us, will you?

God, that man is the fucking pits, he really is.

Anyway, I'm in too good a mood for this: expect vitriol from Monday, when I realise that I am back in Edinburgh and it's still colder than it is most of the way up a fucking mountain. And I have to go back to work.

Chiz chiz.

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