Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Can I just recommend the wonderful Skype to you all? The idea of free telephony over the internet (VoIP) has been around in various incarnations for some years, but Skype seems to have been one of the first to ensure that the quality is, in fact, any good.

I have even managed to get my father into it, which is, frankly, saying something! I have also purchased a wee headset that plugs into my keyboard's USB port (my current Mac being one of those annoying G4 models that required a pre-amp to plug in a damn microphone: something that stopped me using Skype more when I first got it a good while back) and I'm still finding the whole thing quite exciting! My Skype name is chris.mounsey for any people wanting to get hold of me.

I can see a whole vista of time-wasting IMs and frivolous 'phone calls opening up in front of me....

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Anonymous said...

Yeah. 'Tis good, is Skype. :)

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