Friday, February 03, 2006

Right For Scotland...
But surely this Government did not simply pass legislation to look good on the news schedule in the week after this tragedy with no intention of following through with it? After all, that would be a criminal waste of taxpayer cash, would it not?

Not to mention a cynical and mendacious betrayal of the people who they claim to serve, an criminal piece of inaction that will cost more lives and absolutely on par for this piece of shit government. The cunts.

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Emancipated said...


PRO-ACTIVE work into making a difference to the laws that prevent fathers getting automatic parental rights. We are Scotland Based and already have the interest of a constituent MP and the executive minister for Scottish Justice.
YOU can help by leaving a comment in the blog to either show support for someone you know, or show our government that fathers who cannot see their children are NOT a minority!

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