Tuesday, February 28, 2006

People are thick as shit

In other news, and via Mr Eugenides, apparently people do agree with all of the arguments against ID Cards. [Emphasis mine—DK]
On arguments against ID cards, 50% of people thought that machines to read ID cards would often break or fail to read cards accurately and 55% thought a lot of cards would envitably end up containing false information - though given that some error and mechanical breakdown in any project this size would be enevitable, both these questions depend more on respondents’ definition of “often” and “a lot” than anything else. More importantly, 80% of people think that determined criminals would always find a way of forging the cards, 75% think the cards will be far more expensive than the government says, 60% say their introduction will cause huge inconvenience, 71% think the data on people’s cards will not be secure and will be hacked into, sold on, etc and 61% think the data would be passed on to foreign governments.

So, most people think that the cards will not achieve anything that the government says that they will, and yet 52% of them still support them.

Are people thick or what? I mean, seriously, some people really should be culled; in this case, for the benefit of us all. I mean, even Neil Harding agreed that the cards were a bad idea although, admittedly, he only agreed that this proposed implementation would be bad; he still supports them in theory.

Hang on, did YouGov simply poll Neil...?

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