Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh, for fuck's sake!
Smoking will still be allowed in the home and in places considered to be homes, such as prisons, care homes and hotels.

Nice of them. The fucking fascist cunts.

Remember, socialism is the root of all evil.


Raw Carrot said...

Personally, I think it should be banned from prison - but hey, in my mind prison wouldn't have playstations or home cinemas either. I guess that makes me a fascist cunt? ;-)

As for banning smoking across the board - I have to say I was quite pleased, not because I think it is "good" in terms of what it implies, a move towards banning. But "good" because I hate coming back from the pub etc. stinking of fags... Rest assured when they ban alcohol I'll be seriously pissed (off).

Serf said...

Raw Carrot

We must not forget.

First they came for the Gun Owners, because one individual committed a terrible crime. Whats it to me, I don't shoot.
Then they came for the users of health supplements, I was amused, they're all Lib Dems after all.
Then they came for the Smokers, and I did nothing cause smoking stinks,
Then they came for the Big Mac Eaters, and I was happy because I didn't eat them,
Finally, they came for the Drinkers, and there is no one left to speak for me,

And I can't control this shaking.......

Mr Eugenides said...

You clearly haven't read the Times story on this today, DK.

Smoking will be permitted in the Millennium Stadium if the roof is open, but not if it's closed.

If you have caterers in to a private function at your home, that may be covered by the legislation.

If you drive a company car, you will not be permitted to smoke even if you are the only person in the car.

It's ghastly, moronic nanny-statism at its worst. And that's from a man with asthma...

Anonymous said...

Sorry? What does this have to do with socialism?

Martin said...


Glad yo see you back in harness.

The Scottish Parliament exempted the submariners of Faslane our ban, due to the special circumstances.

How very big of them.

Anonymous said...

Palaces, such as the Palace of Westminster, also escape. So the late Princess Madge would have been ok, as well as our caring, sharing MPs.

Devil's Kitchen said...

The real question is, though: will they have the same ridicuous discussion over bus stops that they are having in Scotland at present?

Socialism is about the state's control of the people; hence this is simply another facet of the socialist mindset. I shall expand on this when I'm back in the 'Burgh.


Anonymous said...

Or you could vote against the socialist policies - oops you can't can you? All talk no vote cos you ain't on the register...why IS that?

Ordinary activist said...

And who needs the socialist state when you've got daddy's fascist contract? And bank balance. When you grow up and look at this blog I predict you'll be ashamed.

MatGB said...

They're centralist authoritarians, nothing to do with any form of socialism.

Socialism is a system of ownership, nothing more; everything else is a bolt on by the power hungry. If NuLab start trying to change systems of ownerships for business, they become socialists; if they were to do that, they'd need to start with the media and Murdoch.

DK's even said this in his nature of the beast post, I think he forgets his own thoughts at times...

Devil's Kitchen said...


With all due respect, I thought that you had fucked off to your socialist, publc-sector-driven paradise.

What my father chooses to do with his money is precisely none of your fucking business, and that is entirely the difference between conservatism and socialism.


Ordinary activist said...

As long as he gives it to you eh? Then you can enjoy your middle class angst about Dublin or London as "life choices". Looks like you're failing in the private sector but if pops bails you out then go for it. As a public school educated chap myself I don't actually have the bias you seem to think. And i'm glad you have a supportive family. I just don't understand your propensity to condemn others so readily - I KNOW how lucky I've been and try to show compassion. Give it a go.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I enjoy condemning others, and I write here as a safety valve. I also cannot be bothered writing "on the one hand, on the other" posts: there's no fun in that.

DK is something of a construct, you know; a pressure valve. I'm far more reasonable in real life and I am actually aware of both my luck and my failings and I show compassion through action, e.g. my employees and suppliers are always paid before myself.


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