Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Obviously an off day

Oh dear, people seem to be picking up errors like nobody's business; first it was the P-G, and now the Conservative Party Reptile (a relatively new blog which I am currently enjoying: go have a look).

CPR picks me up... Teehee!

Sorry, rather poor medical joke there. Anyway, the Reptile picks me up on this post about Boris's moral equivalence.
But, just occasionally he does make an error, as the Pedant-General would agree. This one isn't grammatical, but historical. Boris makes the point that all empires eventually make explicit the resonances between their empire tand the Roman Empire and the DK takes up the cudgels on behalf of the British Empire.

The British Empire used Roman Imperial symbolism, just in a different way to Nazi Germany or the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was used in its symbolic form of a force of civilisation, of culture and of liberty. It was also used as a reflection of military power. This may not be palatable, though I don't see it as regrettable, but it was the case. Sorry.

Quite right, of course.

The only defence that I can offer, and it's no defence at all really, is that I was not listening closely enough, and thought that Boris and his chum said something along the lines of "It's difficult to think of [an imperial power] that hasn't used [the Roman eagle]." In my rush to condemn, I failed to appreciate the fact that they were referring to the entire pantheon of Roman symbology.

Apologies all round. I mean, I've just rather let myself down. I am now retiring to the corner with that little pointy cap on.

Only joking! Actually, I'm going to retire to bed for a couple of hours' kip before I have to drag myself out of my pit and face the world again...

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The Pedant-General said...

The eagle thing is minor.

You were absolutely spot on to call the moral equivalence in the use of the word martyr.

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