Sunday, February 05, 2006

Moral equivalence from Boris!

I've just been watching Boris's The Dream of Rome, Boris's voice-over has just uttered the following words in relation to the matyrdom of Christians in ancient Rome.
"Like the Islamic suicide bombers of today, the Christians shocked the people with their willingness to die."

This is just fucking crap. None of us care about Islamists dying; frankly, if they want to die, who gives a shit?

The differences between the Christians who were willing to be matyred for their faith and the Islamic suicide bombers of today are manifold. A really good place to start, though, would be that the Islamic suicide bombers are, in fact, homicide bombers; their primary goal is to murder other people.

The Christians were merely willing to be ripped to shreds, in public, by tigers rather than renounce their faith. They did not die in order to murder others.

Frankly, Boris, I'm shocked and saddened at this moral equivalence.

UPDATE: It's difficult, says Boris, to think of a major power that has not tried to project Roman symbolism, such as the Roman eagle, onto itself; he cites Mussolini, Hitler and the Tzars of Russia. I'll give you one, Boris: the British Empire.

Gah! I'm starting to think that Boris is concealing a desire for the success of the EU...


Anonymous said...

interesting distinctions. i think we're in for some interesting days ahead. i'd like to see women enter the islamist political brain, perhaps that moderation is what's needed for these testosterone/religion driven failures.

Anonymous said...

What he seemed to have been comparing was people's shock, rather than the martyrs/bombers/whatever. I.e. we are shocked at suicide bombers willingness to die (and take others with them) and the Romans were shocked at the Christians' willingness to die. Badly phrased perhaps, but not quite the moral equivalence you are getting your knickers in a twist about.

Nosemonkey said...

Re your update - to be fair on Boris (I missed the TV show, but have been reading the tie-in book - although that should probably be vice-versa), he acknowledges the British Empire as an exception, but points out that both Britannia and the Lion originated in Rome.

The book's actually quite fun - typical Boris blathering nonsense in places, but with a few interesting thoughts amidst the obviously rattled-off nonsense that could have been spewed out by anyone with the benefits of a classical education.

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